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Street Style

Although street-style has been prominent in many decades of fashion, it seems to be making its mark in the fashion industry again, this time with a more modern stance. Some of my favourite instagrammers know just how to ‘street-style’, making the city life seem more glam than it has been in the past. 

One of my favourite street-style influencers is @_rebeccajackson, she’s based in Manchester and uses neutrals to showcase her style. She looks quintessentially effortless whilst still sporting designer bags and shoes. Here are some of my favourite looks from her:

Another street-style instagrammer I have followed for a while is @aliceoliviac. She is the epitome of class and elegance, whilst still keeping up to date with fashion trends. Her looks are similar, yet different:

Finally, the beautiful @naomigenes. How does one balance being a new mum and being super stylish at the same time? Naomi creates the comfiest outfits whilst still looking put-together and chic. A definite milf:

Street-style is so effortless. With a good quality pair of joggers and a slouchy trench coat it’s easy to take on the style yourself. Whilst Instagram influencers are always there to give us inspiration, my favourite street-style shops are Missguided, Asos and Off White. Street-style is a combination of neutrals, monochrome and denim – pieces which we all have in our wardrobes, why not recreate?


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