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A Week in NYC – Part 1

I visited the famous concrete jungle back in February whilst travel was still deemed ‘the norm’, who knew exploring new cities would become such a distant memory. This post is a collection of the highlights of my trip, places that are definitely worth mentioning and of course, all of my outfits.

Anna Sui Exhibition – MAD Museum

This exhibition was an amazing opportunity to see so many of Anna Sui’s iconic designs, along with accessories and artwork. The exhibition itself was set out into different periods of Sui’s life and the different influences which helped her to design her collections. Whilst featuring several different collections it also showed her thought process and many mood boards of her designs. It was an inspiring and creative space showing that you have to start somewhere to become successful.

Dressing up for the days in New York was difficult, since it was so cold and windy a big fluffy coat was absolutely necessary. On this day I wore my pink ribbed joggers from Daisy Street, a simple high neck white crop top from Asos and a big cream coat from Topshop. For accessories, I wore a bright pink headband and fluffy leopard bag from Topshop with my white Nike 97’s.

Times Square

I visited Times Square in both the day and night, both equally impressive, but if you only have the chance to go once, I would definitely go at night. The bright lights and billboards were everchanging and the bustling atmosphere really made it feel like you were in a movie.

Here I am wearing flares from Missguided, a plain white hoodie and a fluffy headband from asos. Again paired with my fluffy coat and bag from Topshop and my Nike 97’s. We were lucky enough to have a few clear sky days as you can see in this picture!

Rockefeller Centre

For me, the Rockefeller Centre was the highlight of my trip. Being able to see New York from the 86th floor was an incredible experience. Despite the wind, we managed to get some great pictures and make some amazing memories. The whole experience, starting from being in the queue was immersive – this really sped the waiting time up. I would definitely recommend the Rockefeller centre as you can see the Empire State building from it, along with the whole of Central Park and the amazing NYC skyline.

Grand Central

Grand Central was another iconic location I had the visit – the photos don’t do it justice! The sheer size of it was very impressive and its definitely a must see spot if you’re a Gossip Girl fan. It attracts so much tourism that there is even an apple store inside the main station.

I hope you enjoyed reading what I got up to in New York. Watch out for part 2 of this blog post coming very soon, ill be talking about the more niche locations that I visited.

Octavia x


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